Bijl PR drags in six nominations for the European Excellence Awards!

Bijl PR drags in six nominations for the European Excellence Awards!

We don’t often boast, but we are immensely proud at the moment! The nominations for the European Excellence Awards 2023 have been announced and this year we received no fewer than six nominations! These nominations are a great compliment for the client, but also for us. Two of our cases stand a chance of winning an award this year. Firstly, Marktplaats’s holiday campaign has been nominated in the categories Purpose Driven Communications, Sustainability & Environment, Multi-Channel Communications and Benelux & France. And in the Benelux and France category, we have two chances to win, as T-Mobile Netherlands’ transformation to Odido is also nominated in this category. The final nomination is for Odido in the category Launch. This year’s European Excellence Awards ceremony is on 8 December in Berlin. We are ready for it!

Marketplace: gift second-hand toys more often

Why not give second-hand toys as gifts instead of new ones? It makes no difference to children, but even more to the environment, your wallet and the world. Marktplaats is the platform for buying and selling second-hand products and contributes to a circular economy. Together with partner agencies Happiness-Brussels & Higuita, Mediacom and Maxlead, we launched an integrated campaign that combines earned, owned and paid media in two phases. We target (grand)parents, caregivers, policymakers. We set our sights high with, among others: a physicalexperiment that was turned into a TV commercial, press releases, personal meetings with politicians, advertorials, online ads ánd the use of influencers. And with great results.

The campaign was previously awarded a Sabre Award and a YouTube Works Award. Marktplaats was even named as the winner of 2023 during that award night. The jury thought the video was so good that, besides the Changemakers award, Marktplaats also walked away with the Grand Prix prize. In addition, the campaign received a nomination for the SBI Trade Awards of the Year 2023 (Sustainable Brand Index). And last but not least, we are still in the race for an Effie Award in the ‘short behaviour’ category. Globally, this is thé award for proven effective marketing and communication cases.

T-Mobile Netherlands becomes Odido: it can also be done like this

A bold move: changing the name of an established brand like T-Mobile. But, it was time for a change according to the telecoms provider. With a new positioning and a product offering that fully meets customer needs, T-Mobile Netherlands now continues under the name Odido. An immense operation that took more than a year of hard, secret work and we are proud that Bijl PR was part of it. Together with partner agency PROOF, we worked on the internal and external communication before, during and after the launch. We mainly dealt with spokespersons lines of communication, leaking scenarious, media training of board members a number of times, stakeholder communication, press releases, Q&As and storylines. We also commissioned market research and investigated how the Dutch view new technologies, among other things. For later use in communication. As the launchdrew nearer – 5 September – we worked on the final version of press releases and the organisation of the press meeting.

Under the slogan “It can also be done like this”, Odido is going to do things radically different in the telecom industry. In total, three redesigned offices opened, more than 1,200 new websites went live, new applications became usable and, meanwhile, a lot of hard work went into redesigning 119 shops. Together, we achieved a fantastic result: the launch of Odido on 5 September 2023 was a huge success.