Bijl PR and the German agency navos have recently started working on the EuregioRail project. The aim of this project is to realize a direct rail connection between the cities of Zwolle (the Netherlands) and Münster (Germany). The new connection will increase capacity, shorten travel times and contribute to more intensive cooperation in the Dutch-German border region at all levels. The new connection is to be established in 2027 and further expanded in the following years. Bijl PR and navos will provide strategic communication advice on the Euregiorail project.

The client is EUREGIO, a Dutch-German partnership with 129 cities, municipalities, Kreisen and water boards as members. The aim of this organization is to realize simpler cooperation between the two countries. The EuregioRail project contributes to this by merging the border area into one large common region.

The aim of the assignment is to bring EuregioRail to the attention of partners and stakeholders in the Netherlands, Germany and within the EU in Brussels, in support of the lobby plan. In addition, Bijl PR, together with navos and other involved parties, is working on stakeholder management and organizing an EuregioRail conference. Both agencies are members of the Global Communications Alliance and work together more often on international assignments.

The implementation agenda

With the recent adoption of the implementation agenda, EuregioRail will reach an important milestone this autumn. The implementation agenda is an important step towards the realization of a direct, sustainable cross-border rail connection. Which is a socio-economic boost for the region.

Dinand de Jong, EuregioRail project leader: “We have chosen the combination Bijl PR/navos because the cooperation of both agencies forms a beautiful Dutch-German combination, which helps us to communicate even better with our target groups. Moreover, both agencies have experience in project communication for projects on a European level. With this we assume that we can also put EuregioRail well on the map in Brussels”.

Cross-border cooperation

Melvin Voskuijl, responsible for the account at Bijl PR: “It’s great to be involved in such a prestigious project. This is more than just a physical rail connection. The connection symbolizes more intensive cooperation in the Dutch and German border region. Think of new encounters between people, collaboration between universities and colleges and the impulse for tourism”.