T-Mobile Netherlands becomes Odido

T-Mobile Netherlands becomes Odido

‘A once in a lifetime experience’

With a new positioning and a product range that fully meets customer needs, T-Mobile Netherlands was rebranded Odido. An immense operation that took more than a year of hard work. We are proud that Bijl PR was part of this project.

A daring step, changing the name of an established brand like T-Mobile. But according to the telecom provider, it was time for a change. Technology is a crucial part of our lives. We can no longer live without it. But worries about the potential risk of new technologies, annoyance around overuse and other dilemmas play an increasingly big role. Odido is taking its responsibility and is going to do things differently with a new goal: everyone should be able to participate in the technological possibilities of today and tomorrow.

Immense operation

Over 18 months ago, this immense and secret operation started. Under the project name ‘Millen’, a small part of the Bijl PR team, under strict NDA, was briefed months ago. We worked closely with the Corporate Communications department on external communications before, during and after the launch. Pre-launch work included preparation of statements should the project leak, various media training of board members, stakeholder communications, press releases, Q&As and storylines. We also commissioned market research to determine how the Dutch view new technologies, among other things. This research was used in communication longer down the line. As the launch date, 5 September, came nearer, we worked on the final version of press releases and the organization of a press meeting. Meanwhile, the tension and, at the same time, the enormous enthusiasm increased.

More than a rebranding

700 employees and more than 100 partners worked day in day out to reposition and rebrand the company. In other words, one of the biggest brand transformations in the Netherlands. Finally, 5 September was D-day. At the headquarters in The Hague, the new company, with a new mission, strategy, brand and portfolio, was proudly presented to employees in the early morning. Shortly afterwards, media were informed at HQ during the press meeting attended by a large part of the national media and trade media. From then on, the brand names T-Mobile and Tele2 changed to Odido, which now serves both consumers and business customers. Under the slogan “It can also be done this way”, Odido is going to do things radically different in the telecom industry. In total, three refurbished offices opened at that time, more than 1,200 new websites went live, new applications went live and in the meantime, a lot of hard work went into refurbushing 119 shops.

Talk of the town

The name took some time getting used to, we can’t deny that. But it was the talk of the town. The media coverage was huge. Hundreds of publications appeared, both critical and positive. In print and online and also on radio and television. On NU.nl, the news appeared as a push message, RTLZ repeated the news throughout the day, Odido’s name appeared in crossword puzzles in papers and various brand experts shared their opinions on the new brand. On social media, Odido soon became trending topic. And this went on for days on end. For us, it was a fantastic job to work on. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.