Stena Line brings Bijl PR on board

Stena Line brings Bijl PR on board

Bijl PR expands its experience in the transport and tourism sector with a new client: Stena Line! Stena Line’s ambition to make ferry transport more sustainable is a goal we are more than happy to contribute to.

Stena Line is one of the world’s largest ferry companies, with over 25.000 annual crossings from various ports in Europe. Stena Line ships sail to England, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Scandinavia. The ferry as a means of transport is an interesting alternative to the car, plane or train. For example, travellers make the crossing from the Hoek of Holland (Netherlands) to Harwich (United Kingdom) in just a few hours. The ferries also have numerous facilities on board, from relaxing lounges to excellent catering facilities. In addition to these passenger ferries, Stena Line also operates freight ferries.

Raising awareness

Bijl PR helps raise awareness, so people choose a ferry more often for a trip to England. The focus here is on the North Sea route between Hoek of Holland and Harwich. Bijl PR also provides support for crisis communication, internal communication, press enquiries, events, maintaining media relations and organising press trips. Innovation and sustainability are central to all communications.

Bryan Dijk, Commercial Manager Travel (North Sea) at Stena Line: “Stena Line was looking for a strong agency with the right mentality to be an extension in the field of communications. We found the right match with Bijl PR; a good sparring partner and natural fit, with the cooperation feeling very familiar already. We are looking forward to telling more people the Stena Line story.”


Stena Line implements sustainability in all its operations. The company aims to reduce its fossil CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030. The company’s so-called ‘Green List’ sets a number of examples. For instance, the company has implemented measures such as using shore power, training captains to sail ecologically, and serving only 100% ‘Rainforest Alliance’ certified coffee. It acts as a leader in the maritime sector and wants to inspire others to also participate in the transformation to a more sustainable industry. We are only too happy to support the organisation in doing so!

Melvin Voskuijl, consultant at Bijl PR and responsible for this account: “Partly thanks to our experience in the transport and tourism sector, we can add extra value in the cooperation with Stena Line. Our previous work for P&O Ferries and Eurostar (formerly Thalys) will certainly help. In addition, at Bijl PR we have colleagues with a background in tourism and hospitality. That makes working for this client, with an office in Hoek van Holland practically in our backyard, extra enjoyable.”