Don’t donate, but invest! Bijl PR has started working for online crowdfunding platform PlusPlus. This initiative by Solidaridad, Lendahand, Cordaid and Truvalu is taking on poverty in a new way and helps farmers and agri-food entrepreneurs in developing countries grow their business. These companies are too big for a microcredit and too small for a loan from a regular bank, leaving them with no money to invest in growth.

How does it work? Investors can invest an amount of 50 euros in a project of an entrepreneur in, for example, Kenya, Indonesia or Ghana. The money is a loan, so over time this amount comes back through PlusPlus. This amount can then be reinvested in a new entrepreneur. The companies that can grow through PlusPlus create additional jobs and food security in areas where it is badly needed.

Since February, Bijl PR has been supporting the platform in its mission to generate more attention for PlusPlus and the impact that investments make on local communities. Hans Kramer, Head of Growth at PlusPlus: “We felt it was important that our story is told by credible and committed people. From the first conversation we felt the involvement of the Bijlers in our mission. The sharpness in their analysis of our proposition combined with a broad view of the opportunities to tell our story in owned, earned and paid channels, were the decisive factor in our choice. And also in the execution they show that we made the right choice. It is nice to work with people who are enterprising with us.”

PlusPlus wants to attract more investors, in order to empower even more local entrepreneurs and create more jobs in their community. A job with a stable income increases access for a family to, for example, education and health care.

Doing business together

With a series duo portraits, in collaboration with 356 media, we have literally given a face to PluPlus. In this video series, we interview both investors and local entrepreneurs from Africa, South-America and Asia. Enterprising Dutch people who invest through PlusPlus talk about their motivation and inspiration. Local entrepreneurs like Kate and Humphrey, in turn, talk about how they make a difference with the investments they receive through PlusPlus.

We use the videos on PlusPlus’ own channels and created and shared the stories with media. Carina Kortenoeven, responsible for the account: “ What makes working with PlusPlus so cool is that we rely on strength. Beautiful stories, where investing in entrepreneurship is central. With a little bit of support, entrepreneurs can make a great and lasting impact on their immediate environment. We like telling those stories!”