Incluzio chooses Bijl PR! Long waiting lists, a lot of bureaucracy and little result, these are frequently heard messages since the decentralization of the health care in the Netherlands. Incluzio wants to challenge that status quo and organizes itself differently and more efficiently so that they can better help people. The organization works in an innovative way to provide the best support for its customers. Since this summer, Bijl PR has been supporting the healthcare innovator in the field of PR, communication and reputation management.

Affordable and available care

Incluzio stands for a society in which everyone counts and participates. The organization does not believe in fragmentation of care tasks. The needs of customers are number 1, where increasing self-reliance is an important goal. Employees look at the total picture: from domestic support to debt assistance. Incluzio gives them the autonomy and confidence to tackle problems independently in all areas. By using principles from the business world, this is done well and quickly and results are measurable. By doing so, Incluzio keeps healthcare affordable and available to everyone.

Although the organization has only been operating since 2014, it has quickly gained ground with its approach. Incluzio wins tender after tender and delivers what it promises. Municipalities are enthusiastic and, more importantly, people feel better helped. Time to tell that story!

Sparring partner with the same mentality

Incluzio had been looking for an agency for some time, but Bijl PR jumped out from the first acquaintance. Martin Flokstra, communication advisor at Incluzio: “We were looking for a sparring partner with the same no-nonsense mentality. But also with the same drive. We’re are not boasters here. In fact, frankly we are far too modest. The mentality of ‘we are just doing what is necessary for our customers’ is deeply rooted. But we also see that it is important to tell our story. And to take people along in our experiences. Because we can prove that care and well-being really can be different and better. Bijl PR sees and understands that.”

Rebel with a cause

Bijl PR helps Incluzio tell its story, in different ways and through different channels. We started with the basics, but at the same time we are spending time building the reputation of the organization. We show how Incluzio does things differently and better by positioning them as a ‘rebel with a cause’. In doing so, we focus in particular on editorial attention.

Sherida van IJsselmuide, responsible for the account at Bijl PR: “Incluzio shows that healthcare can be improved. Their approach is refreshing and inspiring. Yes, they organize care differently and efficiently, but what they mainly do is empower people. From employees to customers, they can often do more than you think. Incluzio shows that. It is an organization with it’s heart in the right place. It’s great that we can help tell their story.”