The first renewed Thalys train has made its first steps towards Paris. The presentation of the new train was celebrated yesterday at Amsterdam Central Station. For the first travellers, the red carpet was rolled out specially. Bertrand Gosselin, CEO of Thalys, and Heike Luiten, director of NS International, gave the departure signal together. The fact that Thalys is now presenting the new trainsets is a great milestone in the year that Thalys celebrates its 25th anniversary. Bijl PR supported Thalys in the organisation.

Reduction of CO2 emissions and more luggage space

With the upgrade of the trains, Thalys is responding to the future of international rail transport. The aim of the renovation was to increase the capacity by 28 seats, while maintaining the high level of comfort. In addition, Thalys is also taking the next step towards offering passengers a more environmentally friendly journey. By transporting more people per train ride the CO2 emissions per kilometer per passenger are reduced. The trains have 15% extra luggage space and the new bar area, the ‘Kiosk’, has been completely redesigned and adapted to the current wishes of passengers. In order to meet the needs of passengers as much as possible, Thalys asked 5000 customers for input.

A lot of enthusiasm for the first ride

Of course we celebrated this unique moment. Bijl PR supported Thalys in organising the presentation in Amsterdam. We invited Thalys partners, customers and journalists to experience the first official journey. On board, we arranged interviews between journalists and Thalys representatives. The attendance by  media was great and that resulted in many publications, including Volkskrant,, and

Melvin Voskuijl, advisor at Bijl PR: “We have been working for Thalys for more than ten years now. I can even remember that we experienced the introduction of the previous model. There was a lot of enthusiasm then too. The introduction of the renewed train is proof that Thalys is modernising and looking ahead.” 

The design

The new train was designed by Yellow Window, a Belgian design agency led by Axel Enthoven. The French designer Matali Crasset also participated in, amongst other things, the choice of certain colours and elements of the chairs and the bar area. The project is expected to be completed in 2024.

*Photo caption from left to right: Bertrand Gosselin, CEO of Thalys. Heike Luiten, director of NS International.

*Photo credits: Illias Teirlinck