We are extremely proud that we have – once again been nominated for the Sabre Awards EMEA. The nomination is  for ‘Randstad Boost’, a project in collaboration with Randstad The Nederland, in the category Professional Service Firms. This nomination is a great compliment for our client and for our work. In total there were 2000 entries and the winners will be announced on 9 June.

Randstad Boost is a campaign for the training and development programme of Randstad The Nederland: bringing supply and demand together by developing people’s skills through training, testing, education and coaching. The campaign launched at exactly the right time. The programme was almost finalized  before Covid-19 broke out. It intends to help people and organizations develop stronger kills; not just today, but tomorrow too. Because Covid-19 has caused many sectors to come to a standstill and people working in these sectors have largely been left out of work, the relevance and urgency of the programme increased. The programme helps people through training and development to make a transition into a different sector, one that is eager for employees.

Various runs

We connect PR through a phased public relations approach. A national launch, a regional approach and a substantive deepening stroke.

The campaign aims to:

  • Create attention and visibility for the education and development programme Randstad Boost
  • Strengthen the position of Randstad Nederland as opinion leader in the employment market
  • Increase registrations for Randstad boost’s education and training courses
  • Show (potential) clients that Randstad is the partner for employment, understands the job market like no other and offers suitable solutions for every situation
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From labour to personal stories

We use the huge amount of employment market data that Randstad Nederland has available. For the Randstad Boost kick-off we use national data and  show where jobs are available and what skills are required for it. We make a direct link to the educational and training opportunities of the programme. Amplified by clarification from the Managing Director of Randstad Nederland, Dominique Hermans, and stories of people who made a job switch through the development programme, we complete the package for media.

Regional and local zooming and B2B

In the next phase we will repeat our approach, but we will zoom in per province. What does the employment market look like per province? We make use of the Randstad regional directors  to interpret the regional situation. Stories of people who found work again after training through Randstad Boost play an important role here too. In the next phase, we focus on companies and organizations by showing what Randstad Boost can mean for their organization. We developed a format for customer stories on paper and in video.

With success

All together, we reached 8 million people through 70 articles and 11.000 people started an education and 12.000 started a training. A resounding success.

Corien Niezing, Head of Communications & PR Randstad Group Nederland:

“We are very proud of this case because it shows how Randstad Nederland helps people and organizations to develop and grow. Continuing to develop and adapt skills to an ever-changing  job market is always important, but Covid-19 meant that this change had to be made even faster. We succeeded with our data-driven approach. It is great that this has led to a lot of positive publicity, but the most important thing is that during Covid-19 we were able to train 11.000 people who gained new perspective in their careers.
That is what is most important to us!”