free publicity


Generating and measuring free publicity

Your organisation or brand has a story to tell, and there is tremendous value in being able to tell that story in newspapers/trade journals and on online portals and radio/TV programmes. It has been demonstrated that readers, listeners and viewers lend more credibility to stories presented in the media about an organisation or brand than to radio or TV advertisements for the same. Many of our clients ask us to generate free publicity as one of the key assignments. Taking a comprehensive approach, we focus on the core message behind the brand or organisation and have a good sense of what is newsworthy. We also measure the PR value of the outcomes using a sophisticated set of metrics that we developed. A story only really comes to life if it is talked about. In an ideal world, you take part in this dialogue, not just on the radio news programme Radio 1 Journaal, but also via social media. We provide support in this as well. In short, we work diligently and in a highly targeted manner to generate publicity. After all, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, even when it comes to publicity.

PR campaigns

In addition to the regular PR services we provide, we also conceive comprehensive PR campaigns, sometimes fully PR-driven, sometimes as part of a major campaign. We pull out all the stops to engage your target audience. Our campaigns are creative, eye-catching and different. There’s much more to them than simply reaching your target audience via the media. We pride ourselves on our strong focus on the newsworthy aspects of a campaign. Even when they are not immediately apparent, we are always able to seek them out. Bijl PR campaigns involve a carefully conceived mix of interdependent online and offline activities.

Crisis communication and reputation management

Your reputation is the sum of many parts: the services you provide, the products you sell, the customer service you offer and your social involvement. In short, everything you do is subject to scrutiny. We help shape your reputation in very close consultation with you with respect to everything your company or brand does by emphasising certain communication messages, warning you of the knock-on effects on your reputation of certain actions and, of course, carefully monitoring what is said about you. If necessary, we offer explanations and clarification. When an incident suddenly arises at your company, we are there for you. Whether it’s a company fire or a factory closure, a ship hijacking or a case of fraud, we’ve dealt with it all before. It goes without saying that we take a round the clock approach to ensure that your reputation incurs no unnecessary damage as a result of poor communication regarding the crisis or incident. In crisis situations, too, we take care of both offline and online communications.

Media and social media training courses

It’s great when you have the opportunity to tell your story in the media, but how do you make the most of it? What should you take into consideration when giving a radio interview or making an appearance on TV? How do you respond to difficult questions during live interviews? We provide personalised media training courses for those who have never completed such training before and for those who want a refresher the night before launching a media offensive.

In response to a crisis at your company, we provide media training crash courses to bring you up to speed quickly. Our media training courses are unique. In addition to a media trainer, a PR consultant is always on hand to help formulate the core messages and address any follow-up. During crisis situations, we can, for example, ensure that the CEO’s holding statement is recorded and released to the media as quickly as possible.

We also provide customised social media training courses and workshops, geared fully to the participants. These range from a basic introduction to social media and the inherent opportunities to in-house workshops on drafting social media policy and Twitter training courses for employees.