PR in Care: (improval) improvement needed

The talk of the day in the Netherlands. Bijl understands the need of better communication on care and care related topics. We help improving yours. Luckily we see more and more attention for communication in this market. But surely, we think it can still be improved, in a way which enables people to make healthier choices and comprehend (new) policy decisions. We believe social media is fun and an important way to mobilize patients and expand volunteer aid.

In the past twenty years we’ve worked with many different clients in care: STIVORO, Astma Fonds, Nederlandse Federatie voor Kankerpatiëntenorganisaties, Altrecht, Rotterdamse Oogziekenhuis, sigma-tau health sience, Hago Zorg, Assist, Beenhakker, Den Haag Mantelzorg, KWF Kankerbestrijding, Vereniging van Ouder van Couveusekinderen en Baxter Healtcare.


PR in Retail: we have the perfect combination
We get the picture: after hours the returns of the day are checked. And we know the value of strong brands within the retail market. Not only that. We understand how advantageous strong local visibility can be. We believe in the combination of national and local visibility through pr. Even though business might only be online, we still find ways to reach your target audiences, wherever they are: online and offline.

We have a huge record on retail pr. Our track record leads to stories on glasses, mortgages, building materials, mobile phones, second hand goods, hearing aids, garden furniture, cars, airline tickets, flowers, money exchange and soap. Whatever the product, we make sure we help you sell it! In the past twenty years we’ve worked for big brands in retail, such as: De Hypotheker, Schoonenberg Hoorcomfort, Marktplaats, KARWEI, Sabon en GWK Travelex.

Marketing pr and crisis
We will help you in crisis situations. What about a product recall, fraud, fire or an unexpected negative reaction of target groups? We know how to deal with this

kind of situations. At Bijl you find the perfect combination of marketing pr and crisis communication!


PR in Industry: 20 years of experience in pr and crisis
No PR agency knows this market better than we do. We know all about the Rotterdam harbour. And we enjoy seizing opportunities and tackling problems for companies related to it. No agency knows the Industry market the way we do. We know management language as well as the floor workers’ language. Companies in railway and road transportation have often benefitted by our consults. We know all about pr and press approach. We help you find your way. If you wish for more media attention, we will arrange it.

In crisis situations, you might get uninvited media attention. Make sure you are prepared and know how to handle the media. Bijl consulted in dozens of industrial organizations in crisis situations. With our unique experience in crisis communication, we make sure you know what to do at the outbreak of crisis.

In the past twenty years we’ve worked for Industry. We know the different approach the market needs. Please get in touch!


PR in Sports : professionalization definitely needed
The main side issue in life. No subject gets more media attention. Only few journalists may attend a multinational’s press conference, but many will attend the one of the national soccer team, including cameras and the lot. Again and again. Sports mean business. Unfortunately too many times we find amateurism in sports communication.  Professionalization is definitely needed. In a business full of emotions.

Passion for sport
We’ve improved communications for football clubs, sponsors, federations and national teams. Strategically, telling corporate stories, using social media or managing crisis situations. Being extremely passionate about sports, we’ve already helped many sport organizations: KNLTB, het nationale damesvolleybalteam/Dela, Feyenoord, Rotterdam Basketball, Unibet, autocoureur Hannes van Asseldonk en Rotterdam Topsport.

government & non-profit

Government & non profit: creating public support
Public enterprises understand the need of communication to public, stakeholders and employees. The contribution of pr agencies is requested more and more these days. Especifically consultation on communication strategy. Public enterprises sometimes lack expertise on communication. We don’t. We help you any time, in any kind of situation.

We have the experience and knowledge your organization needs. We know our way in government organizations and are very much aware of political relations. We know the importance of reliability towards stakeholders and target audiences. For the past 20 years we’ve been consulted by ministries, provincial and local authorities, branch organizations, art institutions and art groups.

Finally clarity
With our strategy –focussed on transparency, time management, completeness and receiver oriented – we make sure your message is brought to measure to the specific target groups in order to reach public support for your projects. We imagine what target groups would think and prefer. Furthermore we create solutions and love challenges. We are convinced that cooperation, quickly dealing with situations and informing others and efficient use of communication, will prevent indistinctness, insecurity, irritation and nuisance.