Good news! Bijl PR & Campagne have been nominated for the Sabre Awards! We have been nominated for our campaign for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate: the National Climate Week in the category Benelux. This nomination is a big compliment for both our customer as for us! Every year, 2000 cases are submitted for the Sabre Awards. Regardless of whether we win the award, we are already extremely proud of this nomination. The award ceremony will take place in London on Friday 27 May.

About the campaign

The very first National Climate Week took place in 2021 from 28 October to 5 November. Goal: to put this week on the map and to mobilize as many people as possible to make an effort to combat climate change.

We developed a campaign to reach Dutch people at all levels: locally, regionally and nationally with a concept that can be further developed over the years. To activate people, we recruited ‘Climate Mayors’ last summer. People who, by adjusting their lifestyle, are committed to the climate in a positive way and would share story to inspireothers We sent all local and regional media a tailor-made press release to highlight our search. And with success! No fewer than 340 publications appeared prior to the National Climate Week and as a result 142 Climate Mayors came forward. These local heroes helped putting the Climate Week on the map and increased awareness for climate change in their local communities.

Everyone Does Something

Our partner Campagne created cool photo and video formats that we shared on the channels of ‘Iedereen Doet Wat’. We interviewed Climate Supporters (businesses and organisations) for the section ‘Klimaat BV’, Climate Mayors spoke in videos and frequently heard statements were confirmed or debunked in ‘That’s so… right?’.  In addition, our copywriter interviewed these organisations and people for theirfull story that can be read on the site of Iedereen Doet Wat. All content was shared in different formats on the socials and website of Iedereen Doet Wat.

Read more about the campaign here and keep an eye on our channels on 27 May to find out if we have won the award!