No fewer than five nominations for the Sabre Awards!

No fewer than five nominations for the Sabre Awards!

Wow, we are still flabbergasted. Bijl PR managed to secure no less than five nominations for the Sabre Awards! All four cases we submitted stand a chance of winning a prize, one even has been nominated in two categories. In the Benelux category, two campaigns have been nominated: the Marktplaats Second-hand Toys campaign and the National Climate Week campaign. In the e-commerce category, the Marktplaats second-hand toys campaign comes up again. We also received a nomination for the T-Mobile Our song project  in the Telecommunications category. The final nomination is for our Central Library Rotterdam campaign in the Education and Cultural Institutions category. Every year 2,000 cases are submitted for the Sabre Awards. Regardless of whether we win the award, we are already enormously proud of these five nominations. The award ceremony will take place in Frankfurt on Thursday 23 March.

Marktplaats: gift used toys as presents more often

Gift used toys as presents more often instead of new ones. It makes no difference to children, but all the more to the environment, one’s wallet and the world. Marktplaats is the platform for buying and selling second-hand products in the Netherlands and contributes to a circular economy. Together with partner agencies Happiness-Brussels & Higuita, Mediacom and Maxlead, we launched an integrated campaign that combined earned, owned and paid media in two phases. We targeted (grand)parents, caregivers, policymakers. We had high ambitions: an experiment that was turned into  a TV commercial , press releases, personal meetings with politicians, advertorials, online ads ánd the use of influencers. And with great results.

National Climate Week 2022: impactful, big and relevant

This year, we collaborated for the second time on National Climate Week, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. A week dedicated to small and large initiatives for a better climate. The campaigns key message: from government to businesses and from citizens to students, everyone can contribute to a more sustainable Netherlands. Just like last year, we worked together with creative partner Campagne to make this project a success.

We continued our local approach to reach as many Dutch people as possible during a phased campaign: people, organisations and governments. Our aim: behavioural change. And we were successful.

Our Song: Alone in the break

Loneliness amongst young people is a growing social problem that until recently was hardly  talked about. In the Netherlands, nearly 200,000 young people feel lonely chronically . The corona pandemic brought more attention and understanding to this problem. Time to break the silence. T-Mobile has been a societal partner of Join Us since 2021 and Typhoon has been an ambassador for the organisation since 2022. A logical choice for us to join forces to make loneliness among young people more discussable.

For the collaboration Typhoon wrote the song ”Alone in the break” . The concept for launching a song made especially for lonely young people was created by Bijl PR in collaboration with Typhoon, T-Mobile and the Join Us foundation. Together with T-Mobile and Join Us, we came up with a further concept and strategy. We conducted an external survey to gauge loneliness among young people and what role online contact plays in expanding their network. We also created a four-part podcast series starring the young people, as well as social content and a clip premiere in the AD. The clip premiere is for BEAU, where Typhoon sits down with two young people to talk about the initiative.

Central Library Rotterdam: The story of the library

An icon in the city centre built in 1984 and visited by as many as 1.4 million people a year. After 40 years, Rotterdam’s Central Library is in need of renewal. To maintain  the objective of being a living room of the city: a place where every citizen of Rotterdam feels at home. Bijl PR was asked to start a communication and participation process, introducing the renewal of the Central Library to various target groups in Rotterdam and including them in the story of the renewal. People from Rotterdam gave input to  the five design teams into what kind of place they thought the renewed Central Library should be. Later in the process, they were again able to give their opinions on the five sketch designs. This formed an advice to the assessment committee of the council, which took it into consideration when choosing a final design agency. Together with Vuurrood, we worked on this project.