Bijl PR is working for Vitam! As a facility catering service provider, Vitam wants to seduce people with good food and drinks into a healthy and responsible lifestyle. In more than 250 restaurants at companies, campuses, hospitals and restaurants, Vitam plays a role in the eating behaviour of tens of thousands of guests on a daily basis. Nutrition offers plenty of opportunities to make a valuable contribution to vital people in a vital world. The company caterer from ‘s-Hertogenbosch takes its responsibility by helping its guests to make the healthy and sustainable choice and by working with respect for people, animals and the environment. A great story we think! We are proud to support Vitam in telling this story, with inspiring PR and communication activities. 

Klaartje Bauwens, Marketing and Communication Manager at Vitam about the collaboration: “As an enterprising caterer, we are busy with good food and drinks every day. With our vision ‘vital people in a vital world’, we continuously contribute to the health of our guests and to a more sustainable world. We are confident that Bijl PR can help us to spread this vision even more in order to further increase our impact.”

Visibility and brand awareness

Together with Vitam, we will work to put the brand on the map more as an authority in the field of hospitality and healthy and sustainable food in the workplace. We are now in the planning phase and are working out ideas that we want to realize together in the coming months. We have determined how we are going to consistently make ourselves heard and thus build a constant visibility. With the aim of increasing Vitam’s brand awareness and awareness on healthier and more vital food in the workplace. Amongst Vitam’s (potential) clients and the employees of those companies.

Carina Kortenoeven, responsible for the account: “Vitam wants to make healthy eating attractive and easy. Not only lettuce leaves and stale rice crackers, but tasty, nutritious and varied food that is sustainably prepared with local ingredients, so that it is good for people, animals and the environment. That’s just a good story! It’s great that we can help Vitam to communicate that story even better.”