In 2021, the National Climate Week will be organized for the very first time in the Netherlands. A week in which everyone in the Netherlands is motivated to do something for the climate now. Whether it’s  separating waste for the first time or an entrepreneur who offers all employees a public transport card: a better climate starts today. Only together we can do it and so everyone needs to participate. From large multinationals to the local sports club and from residents to employers, we encourage everyone in the National Climate Week (from 28 October to 5 November). The National Climate Week project is commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. After a tender process, Bijl PR won the project together with partner agency Campagne and we are proud of that.

Local, regional and national

We won the tender because of our distinctive approach. A sustainable proposal that promises to reach the Dutch on all levels: both locally, regionally and nationally with a concept that can be further developed over the years. The campaign makes visible what is already happening in society and at the same time shows that all small steps together also have a big impact.

We do this by looking for local heroes: visible and inspiring examples. This can be a resident, an entrepreneur, a school and so on. This inspiration is offered at a local level to the media.

In addition to the local approach, we opt for a national PR strategy. To turn everyone ‘on’, we have to reach the whole country. We highlight a number of moments during the National Climate Week so that there is national attention for the week and the subject several times during the period.

A better climate starts today

With one week a year, we will not bring climate change to a standstill. As a society, we must continuously work. That is why the National Climate Week is only the starting signal and an annual event. From now on, every fourth Thursday of October the Climate Day takes place, at the same time as the National Climate Week kick-off . By further developing the government’s already existing online tool ‘Iedereen Doet Wat’ and making it more accessible, we gain valuable insights. The tool is therefore a useful PR tool every year.

A sustainable cooperation

Bijl PR also works on the project together. With advertising agency Campagne as a subcontractor, the strategy and the creative concept were created. A Rotterdam collaboration that demands attention for the bigger picture. Marjoleine van Klaveren, partner at Bijl PR and ultimately responsible project leader, about this project: ‘When contributing to a better climate, everyone often thinks of big steps that companies and organizations have to make. But it is the small things that make a big difference together. We are going to put that diversity in the spotlight in the National Climate Week. With Bijl PR we have a lot of experience with focusing on local media. With the additional experience of Campagne, we have everything we need to make the National Climate Week a great success! Thanks to our strategy, everyone will of heard of the National Climate Week by the beginning of November.’