Bijl PR nominated for three Sabre Awards

Bijl PR nominated for three Sabre Awards

We are proud to announce that Bijl PR has been nominated for not one, but three prestigious Sabre Awards! These nominations reflect the versatility of our work. The National Climate Week, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, is competing in the Benelux category. The remarkable transformation of T-Mobile Netherlands into Odido received two nominations: one in the Telecommunications category and another for The Diamond Sabre Award for Superior Achievement in Brand-Building. This category recognizes PR campaigns that play a crucial role in brand strategy, positioning, messaging, and brand (platform) development.

T-Mobile Netherlands becomes Odido: it can also be done this way

A bold move: changing the name of an established brand like T-Mobile. But according to the telecom provider, it was time for a change. With a new positioning and a product offering that fully meets customer needs, T-Mobile Netherlands will continue under the name Odido. An immense operation that took more than a year of hard, secret work, and we are proud that Bijl PR was allowed to be part of it. Together with Odido’s communications team and partner agency PROOF, we worked on internal and external communications before, during and after the launch.

Under the slogan “It can be done this way,” Odido aims to to do things radically differently in the telecom world. Three completely redesigned offices were opened, more than 1.200 new websites went live, new applications were launched, and hard work went into redesigning 119 shops. Our collective effort led to a fantastic result: the launch of Odido on September 5, 2023, was a huge success.

National Climate Week 2023: unmissable!

We were proud to organized the National Climate Week for the third time, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. This week is dedicated to both small and large initiatives in society for a better climate. The campaign’s starting point is that everyone, from governmental organisations to businesses, citizens and schoolchildren, can contribute to a more sustainable country. In collaboration with our creative partner agency, Campagne, we once again joined forces to make this project a success. We continued our local approach to reach as many Dutch people as possible during a phased campaign involving individuals, organizations, and governments. And we succeeded with triumph!

Awards ceremony on 17 April

Every year, 400 campaigns are selected from a pool of 2.000 entries. It is a huge honor to be nominated for the campaigns we have enjoyed and dedicatedly worked on. We look forward to the exciting unveiling on 17 April. Are you keeping your fingers crossed with us?