Alpro has chosen Bijl PR as their partner for corporate PR and external communications to build brand preference. In May 2021 the collaboration officially started.

For more than 40 years Alpro has been a pioneer in plant based food and offers a wide range of delicious plant based products with GMO-free soya, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, rice, oats or coconut. Since its launch in the 80s Alpro has had a plant based mission and sustainability has been in the company’s DNA. The brand wants to showcase that eating more plant based food is a healthy choice and a great way to reduce your ecological footprint. Good for you, animal and plants.

Content, knowledge and the right information

Bijl PR is creating a (pro-)active press policy for important topics surrounding plant based food. Momentarily, we are in the planning phase and developing ideas that can be realised in the coming months. We are looking at the case from a broad PR perspective and looking for ways to use content and free publicity to put the brand in the spotlight with various stakeholders to improve their knowledge on plant based food. Simone Broxks, external scientific affairs & nutrition manager at Alpro Netherlands on the collaboration with Bijl PR: “The largest challenge we have at the moment is to leverage our 40 years of expertise. We want to continue to share this with the press and media, so that they and our audience continue to see us as an authority when it comes to plant based food. Bijl PR has so much experience in that field and is ready to help us. We are full of energy to start.”

Plant based drinks, plant based variations on yoghurt and other plant based variations are part of the solution for the challenges that face us surrounding climate change. Bijl PR is happy to help enlarge that awareness.

Sophia Weavers, responsible for the account: “I start each day starts with Alpro, so I already was a fan. The past months my enthusiasm has only grown – what a great company with a huge amount of expertise. On top of that they have a strong mission and vision that focusses on everyone’s contribution to a better world, in which plant based food plays a key role. I’m excited that Alpro has chosen Bijl PR as a partner to share this message with various stakeholders.”