Bijl PR has started working for HYGENIQ. The Dutch producer of ecological cleaning products wants to change the way we clean. With its sustainable products the company from Enschede shows that powerful cleaning can go hand in hand with protecting people and taking care of our planet.  HYGENIQ wants as many people and organisations as possible to become familiar with their sustainable cleaning philosophy. And Bijl PR is happy to help with that.

A peaceful start to the collaboration was not possible, as we had to start almost immediately with an action that we had devised. A fresh start for the hospitality industry, powered by HYGENIQ. Since 18 March, everyone in the Netherlands can nominate their favourite pub, (food) café or restaurant with a terrace for a fresh start on

Heart for the hospitality industry

Twelve cafés, one from each province, win a major clean-up so that they are ready for reopening when the terraces are allowed to open again. With this initiative, HYGENIQ wants to support the hospitality industry, which has been closed for so long due to the Covid-19 crisis. Before reopening, a special HYGENIQ cleaning team will be knocking on the winner’s door. Armed with a Clean Air fogger and a package of cleaning products that the café can keep, the team helps make things clean for re-opening. HYGENIQ also gives away various consolation prizes.

The action from Bijl PR was one of the reasons why HYGENIQ chose us after a pitch with three other agencies in total. Joyce Roelofsen, Marketeer at HYGENIQ: “The drive, enthusiasm and the way Bijl PR thinks out of the box fits very well with HYGENIQ. Furthermore, they try to be close to society and give something back. This is important to us when entering into a collaboration. We are very happy with this new partnership and look forward to all the beautiful projects we will do together.”

Shared mission

HYGENIQ has been working hard since 2012 to change the way we clean. By using 100% plant-based and innovative technologies in its products, the company strives for a circular future. A future in which everyone contributes to a cleaner world. Music to the ears of the Bijlers, who like to work for organizations with a mission. Together with HYGENIQ, Bijl PR builds the brand’s brand awareness. We are working on a steady drumbeat, during which HYGENIQ regularly makes itself heard. We focus on editorial attention at all levels, focusing on different target groups.

Carina Kortenoeven, responsible for the account: “We share HYGENIQ’s mission to make the world better, cleaner and safer and to create a circular future. It is great that HYGENIQ has chosen us as a sparring partner to help them get this message out.