Weavers and Van Klaveren new owners Bijl PR

Ruud Bijl transfers shares and stops as managing director

As of today, March 1, Sophia Weavers (30) and Marjoleine van Klaveren (51) are the owners of Bijl PR and form the agency’s management. On the agencies’ 33rd anniversary, Ruud Bijl (65) has transferred all his shares and retires as managing director. Ruud Bijl will remain involved with the agency as an associate consultant.

In January 2021, Van Klaveren and Weavers became partners of the agency, with the intention that this would lead to a full takeover. Marjoleine van Klaveren joined Bijl PR in 2008, Sophia Weavers in 2017. Ruud Bijl: “I am very happy to be able to hand over the agency to the next generation. Marjoleine and Sophia are both ‘infected’ with the Bijl DNA. I am confident they will make it a success. I will follow them from a distance with a smile.”

Left to right: Marjoleine van Klaveren, Ruud Bijl en Sophia Weavers

Weavers and Van Klaveren are immensely proud to take over the agency: “Bijl PR is and will remain Bijl PR thanks to our team and our DNA. That culture and our signature way of working remain unchanged. Our clients and relations can continue to count on our ambition, creativity and dedication for the best results.”