On November 8, 2022, the Dutch Heart Foundation received the Golden Effie Award for the 6-minute zone campaign. The campaign was created through a collaboration between the Dutch Heart Foundation, sports marketing agency Triple Double, media agency Initiative and Bijl PR. We are very happy and proud of the award! According to the jury, the campaign proves that creating awareness for a social problem is important, but that a clever approach and strong implementation is essential for a good campaign.

The campaign

The Netherlands has an average of 17,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests per year. The first six minutes after a cardiac arrest are extremely crucial for survival. But what should you do in the first 6 minutes to help someone? Together with HartslagNu, the Heart Foundation has been working for years on the creation of the so-called 6-minute zone. The campaign ranged from volunteer dispersal to merging the issue with sports and health related issues and a variety of resources: from press releases and events to online and social presence.

The result

Thanks to campaigns with Triple Double, Initiative, BuurtAED and collaborations with, among others, Opel/Feyenoord Rotterdam N.V., Philips, Nederlandse Spoorwegen/ProRail, retailers and real estate companies, a growth of 377% was realized in the number of civilian aid workers and 306% in the number of AEDs. But the most important result is of course that CPR can now be started within 6 minutes throughout the Netherlands in case of a cardiac arrest. A huge milestone that saves thousands of lives every year.

Our role

Bijl PR contributed to creative concepts, was a sparring partner for the Dutch Heart Foundation and knew how to express the importance of a 6-minute zone to make it relevant and to create media attention during the various campaigns over the years. With constantly changing means, channels and media strategies.

We previously won the Silver Effie Award, the Dutch PR Award 2017 and an international Sabre Award for part of the campaign: Heartbeat of the Legion.